About this site:

This site is some about the IT world, based on long experience. Expect some hard-earned opinions. I say hard-earned because they resulted from lots and lots of hands-on experience.

Take 4+ decades, figure out the hours, then allow for the fact that my average daily use out of all those years was about 1.5 hours a day for the first decade, 3 hours a day for the second, and 7 hours a day average for the remaining time– yes, you better figure weekends in, I worked on computers on weekends also. Essentially, this huge amount of hands-on work on computers throughout a large part of real “semi-modern to modern” computer history leaves me with hands-on experience and much study serving me as teacher, in what I say on this site.

The only reason I declared a copyright on this material is to keep others who would want to profit monetarily without recompense to me from my syntax and words and simplistic design and ideas from doing so. I do not intend to keep others from passing the ideas presented here on freely to others. I DO mean for free, though in a “free beer” sense, and not totally without any reward. Fair Use usage rights are granted to all readers, but do not publish my words on your site if you gain any gross profit income from it. If that “sounds” like Open Source’s GPL in summary form, it is intended to so be “heard.”

So, in THAT spirit, let me simply say that this site is:

Revised January 17, 2017. Feedback Welcome!